married woman on top of a man about to have an affair

There are certain things that separate a married woman who wants to have a little fun from a single woman who wants to have a lot fun.

The differences may seem small but they are important and must be understood before you decide to date a married woman.

The article explains the subtle and not-so-subtle differences:

First things first, if you decide to date a married woman you need to understand the ground rules.

Too many men get involved with a married woman thinking there are just a few subtle differences in the relationship dynamics.

The truth of the matter is that the differences are enormous and must be understood completely if you want to take the plunge.

Some of the obvious differences are that there are simply a few road-bumps (some might consider them drawbacks).

For one thing you can’t take her out on a regular date, you can’t be seen together in public and you’ll have to run around from time to time to make it work. But for those that like this type of relationship, there is simply no substitute.

I should qualify this article by saying I don’t necessarily condone this type of relationship and every situation and married woman is different.

It is also a very risky enterprise because there is another man who would probably not be too pleased with his wife and concurrently, you, if you two were caught.

However, in saying that, if a man does decide to have a relationship with a married woman, then there are certain basic principles which must be understood for the affair to work:

She Gets To Call All The Shots:

A married woman has a home, a husband and possibly a set of very cute children she loves very much. Unless you’re interested in having the married affair lasting less than one meeting, you better let her do the shot-calling. This is a very important concept to understand because above all else, you must realize that she is in charge and will need her space. You need to be on her tim, not yours.

Give The Married Woman A Good Time:

A married woman starts an affair because she wants to rekindle a lost passion and her husband simply isn’t doing his job.

So for a married woman affair you need to be good in the sack. There is no way around this. If you do not please her in the bedroom you better forget about having an affair with a married woman.

Don’t Get Emotional:

This isn’t your girlfriend and a married woman doesn’t need another man to take care of. She already has one of those at home and he obviously isn’t very exciting.

You need to be exciting without any of the drama. In other words, she doesn’t want to hear your problems and isn’t interested in getting to know the inner-you. Just remember this is all about having a little fun and not getting caught doing it.

Mum’s The Word:

Keep your mouth shut when having an affair with a married woman. Don’t tell your friends, don’t tell your mom (that was a joke) and certainly don’t post it to your Twitter page. This is all about secrecy and if you want the married affair to continue you will certainly remember that this type of secret should never get out.

Don’t Tell Her About Other Woman:

Just because she doesn’t want you to propose marriage to her (she already did that and it didn’t work out that well) doesn’t mean you need to tell her about other woman you’re dating.

Again, the point is that she wants to have fun with you and probably even likes you, so don’t spoil it by giving her any reasons to call it off. Woman get jealous even if they don’t mean to so keep your mouth shut and be thankful she wants to have a good time.

If you follow these five simple guidelines you should be well on your way to having a good old fashion affair. Just remember not to spoil it by opening your mouth.

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3 Responses to Want A Married Woman Affair: Five Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Married Woman

  1. ron says:

    If you get involved with a married woman only two things are likely to happent,BOTH RESULTS ARE BAD FOR YOU! One, she will leave here marriage to be with you ,in which case you’ve helped ruin a marriage and you end up with a cheater.And when her husband finds out you were with his wife he’ll want to kill you Or two her husband finds out about your affair and he’ll beat her up for cheating on him and want to kill you after he’s done with her!Either scenario spells disaster.You are much better off leaving married woman alone and only date available woman.You will have less drama and won’t have to worry about sharing the woman you’re involved with…..

  2. ron says:

    Why anyone would want to mess around with another mans wife is beyond me.You’re asking for BIG problems.How an angry jealous husband will react to discovering his wife is cheating on him no one can predict,and if you’re the other guy she’s having sex with,man WATCH OUT! The roof will come down on your head.You need to ask yourself if the risk is worth the reward .Is it worth getting yourself SHOT over.When you’re surrounded by single woman it doesn’t make any sense to me.Oh well this kinda thing does happen ,do yourself a big favor and don’t be that other guy,and you’ll live alot longer…

  3. roy says:

    Anyone who’s going to mess around with another mans wife is only asking for BIG trouble.Only two things can come out of this situation.One her husband finds out about the affair and will come after YOU! Two she leaves her husband to be with you.You end up with a cheater you will never be able to trust,you’ve helped ruin a marriage,and when her husband finds out you were the cause of all his grief,he’ll come after YOU! All of this can easily be avoided by simply dating AVAILABLE women.

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