woman on top of a man about to have an affair

It sounds simple enough, but in reality, keeping it discrete can be quite a challenge.

A lot of people in bad relationships ask the question: How can I have an affair?

Here are five different ways to learn how to have an affair while keeping it discrete and making sure you never get caught with your pants down.

Don’t Get Attached:

Make sure you make it very clear at the beginning of the affair that you’re not interested in anything more than having a good time. If you get the feeling that the other person may tell your wife or husband, then stay clear of that person.

Do your homework and use your gut to determine if the person you meet for a fun time wants a little more than you’re willing to give.

Never Make It Public:

If you don’t want to get caught, then don’t go anywhere that friends of your wife or husband, or God forbid, your wife or husband might find you.

This is something that you never want to take chances on. Don’t ever make it public. And if you do decide to make it public go somewhere that you are absolutely sure you will never get caught. This would include a different zip code or at least being 30 to 50 miles from your home.

Don’t Go From The Affair To The Hubby:

Never go straight from the person you are having the affair with, to your spouse. This is never a good idea, as they may find evidence on you that will make them suspicious. Be it the smell of perfume, a random strand of hair or a little lip-stick. Always shower and change clothes.

Going to the gym after having an affair is always a good idea because this leave open a good excuse for why you just took a shower.

Make Sure You’re Not Being Followed:

This may seem like a stretch, but if your wife or husband or significant other is suspicious, they will get a private eye to follow you for a few days. And PI’s take pictures, and this means evidence and this means you’re done. Don’t take chances and remember that you may be being followed at any time.

…and yes erring on the side of caution is a very good thing.

Don’t Do It:

If you really want to have an affair, and you just can’t stop yourself then do what you have to do, following the simple steps above.

However, if you’re not sure if you want to have an affair, you may try to work it out with your wife or husband instead of rushing into something that you may regret later.

The bottom line is that you should always think twice before having an affair, and if you decide to go through with it, then follow the steps above and remember:

You can never be too cautious!

If you want to better understand affairs, learn how affair sites work so you can find a discrete partner easily and safely, and how to never leave a digital trail

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