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Literacy Issues in the U.S. and How to Improve Them - May 21,2016

Literacy is an important aspect of every person's life. It is the foundation for a strong, solid education and an important factor in the contributions an individual may make to society. If a person is illiterate, they have less of a chance of being successful in life, and finding work; however, the issue of literacy is widely ignored, particularly in lower income and racially diverse neighborhoods where funds and resources are scarce. Let's explore what literacy is, the literary crisis…

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Motivating students can be a challenge. For students who have issues learning and retaining information, traditional teaching methods don’t benefit and reach these students. Eventually, they lose their love of learning, or believe they’ll never understand the materials, and give up. In recent years, non-traditional teaching approaches have gained popularity, particularly interactive hands-on education. For many students, they must actively engage what they’re learning to understand it. It's called kinaesthetic learning. The ancient Chinese proverb, “I hear and I forget,…

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Key to success

Goals aren’t just for academics. They can help your success academically, but they can also help you reach your full potential in non-academic areas of life. The most successful students are those who set goals and pursue their potential. You cannot discover your potential if you never challenge it or take small and calculated risks. Trying new things helps you grow and can lead to loving something new. Those with goals succeed academically and in their personal lives. Those who…

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Asian students working in the library.

Many students do not have a study plan. Instead, their study habits are random, unorganized, and ineffective. Random study habits lead to poor scores and a poor understanding of the material being covered. Performance often suffers without a study plan. Study plans and programs are often confused with study timetables, but they are not the same. Study plans do more than block out allotted amounts of time for studying. They create and evaluate goals, track your progress, and keep you…

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Every year, millions of students prepare and study for the SAT Test. In 2015, 1,700,000 students took the test. An SAT score can influence the admission decisions of colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher education. It can also determine eligibility for scholarships and financial aid. Success on the SAT falls into three categories: understand, study, and practice. These will be the foundation of doing well. Let’s break these keys into specific categories that can help you succeed on the…

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