woman playing footsie and having an affair with a married man


Having an affair with a married man is not like having an affair with a single bachelor.

There are the obvious differences, but this article will teach you the five things to remember when you decide to have an affair with a married man and how to stay out of trouble.

#1 – Never Think You’re In A Relationship

This is important to remember and will keep you out of trouble. A married affair is never something to condone, however, if you understand this is not a relationship, because this man goes home to see his wife, children, dog etc. then you will be much better off. In other words, keep your head out of the clouds and you’ll be that much better for it in the end.

#2 – Keep It Fun

Having an affair with a married man is only safe if you keep it fun and don’t try to get attached.Remember: this man has an obligation to his wife and unless he has signed divorce papers (and you’ve seen him sign them!) then you better remember to keep it fun. If you simply remember that this an affair that has no future you’ll be much, much better off.

#3 – Don’t Get Attached

If you get attached to a married man, the affair is going to turn disastrous. He’ll most likely get nervous and want to cool the temperature by letting you know it’s time for a break. At this point you can only make things worse for yourself and him, so better off not to get attached in the first place. An affair with a married man is not a relationship.

#4 – Keep It Safe

Don’t forget to make sure he wears protection, you’re on the pill and that you don’t go on dates and hotels that are easy to track. A suspicious wife is no laughing matter, and a private investigator is only a phone call away. If he respects you then you should both be on the same page when it comes to protecting yourself and his marriage as well.

#5 – Reconsider

Remember that having an married affair with a man can be a lot of fun if you’re in the right mindset. But if you’re the type to get romantically involved too quickly, then an affair with a married man may not be for you.

You need to remember that having an affair is not like being in a relationship and if you’re fine with this type of arrangement then follow the steps above and there should be no problems.

I know this article runs a bit like a broken record, but if you remind yourself of these five tips you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache and misery. Remember to keep it fun, safe and don’t get attached and you’ll be fine.

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