a woman having an affair with a married man

So you’ve decided to date a man that’s married, or more appropriately, you’ve decided to have an affair with a man that’s married.

The operative word here being ‘affair.’

Affair is defined as a ‘a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship’ in this case with a man.

So what do we know right off the bat?

You have to keep it a secret and you have to understand that it’s about sex more than it’s about a relationship. In fact, the word relationship, the way you probably think of it, doesn’t apply to having an affair with a married man.

Let’s make this extremely clear and I apologize for repeating myself: You’re not going to be in a relationship with this married man.

The reasons? He’s already in one.

If you’re in the business of breaking up relationships, also referred to as a ‘home-wrecker’ then you’re on your own. If you’re serious about having a fun relationship with a man that is married, it is much better to realize right at the start that this is not going to be a ‘real’ relationship.

This means the following:

a) He wants to keep it quiet and he doesn’t want you calling him at home or on his cell phone at innapropriate times. This would include anytime he may be with his wife or kids.

b) He doesn’t want you to take this anymore seriously than he is planning on taking it (which believe me, isn’t serious at all).

c) If he does decide that he’s falling in love with you, then you should run for the hills.

The fact of the matter is that if he’ll cheat on his wife, he’ll cheat on you.

This means you should be very careful when you get involved in the affair in an emotional way. You simply need to remember that this is all for fun and when it gets too serious, you should definitely consider getting away from him ASAP.

You should want to get away because this guy, as pointed out earlier, is going to treat you the way he treats his wife, which means he will cheat on you. It’s just in certain peoples nature to cheat and you should remember this is all about having a little excitement on the side.

If you’re married and want to have a married affair with another married man, then this could be the perfect opportunity to have fun with someone who is on the same page as you. You will both understand that it needs to be kept quiet, and that, at least for the time being, you’re both just trying to get something that can’t (for whatever reason) be provided in the bed you share with your spouses.

Remember these three important rules about having an affair with a married man and you should be fine:

Keep it quiet.

This means you don’t tell your friends, your mom and anyone in between.

Don’t take it seriously.

This is for fun and the minute you forget this is the minute there will be problems.

If he starts to take it seriously run away.

If this married man is interested in marrying you, then it is best you get out of the situation as soon as possible.

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